8 steps for a healthy home

Every day we are exposed to a series of toxic substances that damage health and produce diseases such as cancer. Chemical products such as detergents, cosmetics, drinking water, additives in food, have a high degree of toxicity. Therefore, it is important to reduce contact with these products, especially at home.

If you want to be healthy, follow the next eight steps for a toxin-free home:

1. Eat organic foods pesticide-free whenever possible. Buy at farmers markets or plant vegetables in your garden.

2. Read labels and avoid products that contain a lot of chemical additives such as artificial educolorants and trans fats, because they can cause behavioral problems in children.

3. Choose a glass or stainless steel tap to filter the water, it has less bacteria and chemical contaminants than bottled water.

4. Be careful with products such as shampoo, creams, etc. containing "fragrance", this additive contains phthalates that interfere with hormones. Substitute them for essential oils.

5. Sleep on a mattress made from non-toxic natural materials.

6. Clean your house with natural cleaning products. Use vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Avoid chlorine, solvents, ammonia and antibacterial products such as triclosan.

7. In the kitchen, remove the non-stick paper. Avoid Teflon pots and pans, as they emit potentially toxic gases when heated. Prefers stainless steel and glassware.

8. To take care of your body use chemical-free products with the least number of ingredients.

Video Medicine: 8 Steps to Keeping a Healthy Home (July 2020).