Driver's license for organ donors

The Secretary of Transport and Roads of the DF,Armando Quintero , said that starting in the last week of June, thedriver's license of the Federal District will have the legend "donor of organs "with the purpose that the inhabitants of Mexico City who so desire, have the opportunity to giveorgans Ytissues to save other lives, in case of death. Obviously, health services will be informed of the relationship of volunteers. Also, with this you canstreamline procedures and save time so that the organs can be transplanted immediately.

"In aid to theHealth Secretary , the Ministry of Transport and Roads will issue the new driving licenses with the legend 'organ donor' in order that the citizen has adocument always carry with him, informing in this way to the corresponding health services, his desire and willingness to putdisposition their organs ", he pointedQuintero .

The Head of Government of the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard , celebrated that now the driver's license expresses the consent of the citizens who want to donate an organ , an initiative that was promoted by Mariana Gómez del Campo , parliamentary coordinator of the National Action Party (PAN).

In Mexico, the National Registry of Transplants has more than 3,700 people waiting for an organ, of which 1,221 require a kidney , two thousand 557 a cornea and 280 need heart , liver or lung . Source: The Mexican sun

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