1. After you see it, you get restless

Love is a strong feeling and many times we have to think about whether we are loving the right person, instead of loving someone we should not.

Here we show you some signs so you can tell if you are loving the wrong person.


1. After you see it, you get restless

Each meeting with your partner should be full of good times and relaxation to leave you with good memories and quiet. Do not be stressed or uneasy after spending time with him or her.


2. You are aware of the relationship

The decisions we make as couples, when we are with the right person, come out spontaneously. Otherwise, we are overwhelmed by the decisions we make together.

A future decision should not be a cause of fright, but of happiness to know that we will share more time with the person we love.


3. Do not wait to spend time with your partner

Instead of being excited to see our partners, we feel more a sense of obligation to spend time with them.

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