Control stress!

Stress not only impacts on quality of life and mood, it also directly impacts health by triggering heart diseases such as heart attacks and the generation of hearing problems.

According to a study of Stockholm Karolinska Institute , hearing aids are one of the 10 main public health problems, since it affects more than 30% of the population.

In the research published by the PloS One magazine , it is specified that stress is one of the triggers of hearing problems such as hypersensitivity to sound, especially in women.

Dan Hasson, study director , reveals that stressed or emotionally depleted women are more sensitive to sounds, so they may experience severe pain, even in conversations with normal tones (60 decibels).

The specialist points out that this auditory problem can be a phenomenon that diminishes the quality of life of people because with a minimum noise it feels as if it perforates the ears.

Therefore, this hypersensitivity to sound can generate isolation and anguish among people who suffer from it, so it is recommended to take some actions to reduce levels of stress or exhaustion.


Control stress!

According to the portal, You can control stress and prevent it from causing damage to your health or hearing problems. Just follow these recommendations to achieve it:

  1. Do not overload yourself with activities: Choose the most important ones and give them your full attention
  2. Avoid being a perfectionist: Caring for even the smallest detail in your activities can elevate stress, so focus on doing things well without exaggerating.
  3. Sleep well: When you rest correctly, your body and mind remain alert and in good condition, so you can properly handle any stressful situation.
  4. Just relax: Do some activity that you like to dance, sing, read, look at photographs or simply perform breathing exercises to return to calm.
  5. Be optimistic: When you have positive thoughts your body responds appropriately to solve difficult situations.

Do not forget that there are several alternative therapies that promote your well-being and eliminate stress by achieving a balance between your body and mind. And you, do you know how to control stress?

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