5 traits of a sexually dissatisfied couple

To have sex with the person you love, it's not always a moment of total connection and fullness . Sometimes, simply, it does not happen. It is normal for it to occur due to external factors such as stress and the bad health . Although, if for every attempt something goes wrong, perhaps you are experiencing sexual dissatisfaction in your relationship.


According to the study "Satisfaction and sexual attitudes in the Mexican, Pfizer survey 2009 ", 75% of the people surveyed consider that their sexual intercourse They are very satisfactory. However only 68% of the women that reach orgasm .


If you or your partner are within 32% of women that do not reach orgasm, you should not feel bad about it. According to the doctor Michael Perring , specialist in medicine and sexology , the motivations of a bad sexual life can be as varied, and be related to the physical state or mental .


The first thing to know is that you are not absolutely responsible for the situation and then, that there are many solutions and ways to identify the sexual dissatisfaction . Here we tell you some.


1. Little concentration during sex. During sex, all of our senses, it is an activity that monopolizes our attention. If your partner is absent or makes a comment out of context, such as remembering some pending, it is a sign that he is not enjoying the moment.


2. Never express gratitude. When we have finished a session of sex satisfactory, there is a stage of compliments or petting . Each person expresses himself differently but, in general, after a good experience we feel in total wellness and we expressed it in some way. The lack of a "pleasant descent" can give a signal of dissatisfaction .


3. Drastic change of activity. If after the session of passion , your partner jumps out of bed and begins an activity and you do not look relaxed, you may not have enjoyed the sex . The orgasm, says the sexologist Juan Carlos Kusnetzoff, "It's the most Pleasant that a human being experiences. "What causes, is an enormous discharge of endorphins what generates pleasure and relaxation.



4. Little visual contact. One of the first elements that invites us to approach someone is the look . As part of the ritual of seduction what the anthropologist describes Helen Fischer , men and women tend to perform behaviors during the courtship ritual. If your partner's gaze is on the stain on the ceiling or the window, perhaps it is not in your same frequency.



5. He looks a little sad. It may be that a life unsatisfactory sexual , especially when there is a link emotional , make us sad and generate a feeling of frustration If so, do not worry, your partner does not have a good time with the situation either. This is a door of opportunity to improve.



The uncomfortable question


Directly asking our partner if "he liked sex" minutes after finishing, can be uncomfortable for both because it compromises an induced response. If you recognize the 5 traits , it is likely that something is not right, but do not rush, find an appropriate time to dialogue openly with you partner and find the causes and solutions to the sexual dissatisfaction in your relationship.

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