6 tips to record a homemade erotic video

To have a sex life full creativity is required to avoid falling into the routine. Record a erotic video Homemade is an excellent alternative to renew and spice up your nights of passion. GetQoralHealth suggests you six tips to record a erotic video home.

1. Think of a couple what they would like to see each other. The ideal is to plan something simple without so many complications, especially if you are new. The recording of sex by itself it is extremely exciting.

2. Get a camera of good resolution that allows you to appreciate every detail of your performance. You can use a tripod to give greater stability to the image.

3. If you want to record a more extreme video, create a story and use costumes to make it even more credible. In addition to increasing excitement, sure when you see it will have a lot of fun.

4. They should take care of the lighting, for that they use large lamps that are specially directed to you. They can also use candles, but these should be enough so they do not get lost in the dark.

5. They can set their video with some musical rhythm that they like, however, the moans, shouts and words that arise in the act, are the ideal seasoning to produce them more pleasure .

6. To make your video more entertaining, change your position in a certain time, it will be very boring if you only record in one pose.

Once you have everything ready, enjoy it and have fun. Be natural and let the pleasure be the director of your movie. Do not forget to keep it in a safe place. Good luck!

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