5 tips to burn calories with your breakfast

According to specialists from Mayo Clinic , the intake of a balanced and healthy breakfast helps you lose weight and maintain a slender body, but how to burn calories at breakfast?

Katherine Zeratsky, Nutriologist at Mayo Clinic, He details that a complete breakfast reduces hunger, which avoids the excess consumption of foods rich in fats or sugars.

Even the prolonged fasting increases the insulin response in the body, which generates fat accumulation and weight gain.


5 tips to burn calories with your breakfast

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The Mayo Clinic specialist explains that when you eat breakfast you not only improve your appearance, but your brain prepares to make better decisions for your diet, that is, when you skip breakfast you usually reduce the intake of fruits and vegetables for the rest of the day.

In addition, when you have breakfast, you help your body replenish reserves of glycogen, a hormone that gives energy to muscles.

If you think that skipping any food like breakfast you will lose weight, you are very wrong; so better eat healthy foods and burn calories in a natural and nutritious way. Do not forget to supplement your diet with some physical activity. And you, what do you do to burn fat?

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