5 reasons to cry

How do you feel after crying? Several studies suggest that one of the benefits of crying is relaxation, because with them we can get rid of the feelings that damage our body.

Tears, in addition to cleaning and keeping your eyes lubricated, calm your mood and generate an inner peace to regain strength and deal with any type of situation. Do you want to know more benefits?

1. They release stress . William H. Frey, biochemist at St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center in Minnesota , stresses that when crying the substances generated by nervous tension such as potassium and manganese chloride, endorphins, prolactin and adenocorticotropin are eliminated.

2. They stimulate endorphins. The body produces this type of hormones during crying, which function as a natural analgesic, decreasing pain and improving mood, according to information published in The New York Time s.

3. Deep relaxation In a study published in the Current Directions in Psychological Science It specifies that one of the benefits of crying is that the body changes from a state of great excitement to a more relaxed one.

4. Avoid gastrointestinal problems. An investigation of the University of Pittsburg notes that people suffering from ulcer or chronic colitis derived from stress, cry less than healthy people.

5. Improve your breathing. A study of University of South Florida It suggests that crying calms emotions and stabilizes the breathing rhythm of stressed people, who regularly have a high heart rate and excessive sweating.

If you are in a very stressful situation and do not find the way out, try to get away and release it through the tears; You will feel relieved and your perspective on the situation will improve. And you, how do you release stress?

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