4 light options ...

When talking about losing weight comes to mind the idea of ​​limiting food, especially breakfast; however, this is essential to achieve our ideal size.

According to a study published by the professor David Katz at the Yale University School of Medicine, breakfast is important for the proper functioning of the brain and is the best ally to lose weight, as it offers energy and reduces binge eating.

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4 light options ...

After indulging with some cravings, it is inevitable to end up with a few kilos of more, to reverse this situation we present you 4 breakfasts to lose weight:

1. Egg sandwich Prepare it with the clear revolt, on wheat bread accompanied by a slice of bacon and 1 slice of low-fat cheese.

2. Smoked salmon sandwich. Prepare it with whole grain bread or bread with seeds, cream cheese skimmed, grated tomato and 2 slices of smoked salmon.

3. Apple with peanut butter. Cut and split an apple and spread it with peanut butter.

4. Yogurt and waffles. Your favorite fruit yogurt, but skim or low fat. Accompany it with two integral crackers or waffles.

If you add to your diet, especially at breakfast a dose of fiber you can not only regulate your intestinal system but your weight. Try it!


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