2 devices to listen better

If the older adult is diagnosed with problems hearing in both ears, it is better to use a hearing aid in each one from the beginning. The reason is simple: a damaged ear that stops being used can lose its capacity of interpretation of sound , in such a way that if one is lost, it will be heard through the other, but perhaps there will be difficulty in understanding the message.

Man by nature is accustomed to using both ears to perceive the sounds around him. When both ears function correctly, sound waves are received and transmitted to the brain; who has the ability to discern sounds, clarify them and give them a meaning of time, intensity, source of the message and determines the direction.

Due to this action the hearing acquires a total sensitivity and the human enjoys a more pleasant stereophonic quality.

(Source: Akustikum, "Your return to the world of sound", Information brochure)

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