Body painting in medical classrooms

The use of body painting technique and others technological resources , emerge as an alternative to the complex process that exists worldwide for the use and conservation of corpses in order to be studied.

The UVM complements its plans of study, with the technique of body paint (body painting), the projection of images and the animation in the body of the models in the anatomy classes. This educational system was inspired by a similar one that exists in Peninsula Medical School (United Kingdom) since 2002, who was the first school not to use a corpse for the teaching of anatomy.

Through this technique, students can visualize human anatomy according to their proportion. Each system of human organism will be represented with one of the aforementioned techniques in the body of a living person.

"The replacement of bodies is a global trend, when the technique is applied in a rigor scientific, the results are excellent ", affirm professors of the University of Anhembi Morumbi, in Brazil.

The objective of these techniques is to promote practical experience in the methodology of the New Anatomy and innovative resources of the teaching of Structure and Function.

Another strategy that is increasingly common in health care courses is the simulators Y computers with modern software that allows students to perform virtual procedures. The machines have a cost that goes from 80 thousand to 300 thousand dollars and can appear different functions of the human body , such as breathing, heart rate , Y heart attack .

Instructors installed in a control and visualization room are those who can manipulate the responses of the simulator. For example, the heartbeat may vary from hour to hour, or the throat and tongue become inflamed, depending on the clinical situation that must be studied.

Dr. Soledad de Santiago , National Director of the School of Health Sciences of the UVM, mentions that the use of these new technologies is consistent with what has been worked since the project of the School of Health Sciences, consisting of offer a set of programs to careers, allowing the student training in an interdisciplinary way, offering programs that respond to the current problems of public health of the country, as well as training based on information and technology more advanced "We have to provide the basis for a professional who will be active and will be productive, we have to offer Vanguard and we have to teach him that he has to continue learning all his life ", he concluded.

An advantage of this type of technology, say the doctors who have worked with these techniques, is to allow that the training procedures can be repeated as many times as necessary until the student acquires the necessary practice to be a highly trained health professional.

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