10 jobs vs a healthy pregnancy

A pregnancy Healthy is the guarantee to have a strong and healthy child; However, there are some external factors that influence the welfare of the baby since he is in the womb as the parents' employment.

According to research published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine , the work performed by both men and women influences the health of their children, since some activities such as the following can prevent the development of a pregnancy healthy and generate congenital defects:


  1. Artists and photographers
  2. Food processors
  3. Gardeners
  4. Employees at gas stations or chemical industries
  5. Mathematical or physical
  6. Operators of cranes and drills
  7. Stylists
  8. Manicurists
  9. Maquiladoras
  10. Drivers

The parents who participated in the study carried out the activity three months before conception and after the first month of pregnancy, a period in which damage to the sperm or ovum is recorded.

In another study, a link was detected between exposure to certain chemicals or other toxins and the risk of conceiving a baby with congenital defects, since women who were exposed to organic solvents had an increased risk of having a baby with congenital heart disease .

With these results it does not mean that you have to give up your job, you just have to take some care to prevent any complications and have a pregnancy healthy. Remember to follow the doctor's instructions, take a fat-free diet. And you, do you consider it safe to use for a healthy pregnancy?