1. Be constant

Have you asked yourself how you feel ? Do you give yourself a few minutes a day to breathe and feel best ? What emotions they invade you? What have you eaten today?.

Hear your body when you practice certain activities and do not feel 100; listen to yourself and put into practice the following recommendations:


1. Be constant

When you perform an activity for a specific time you will notice changes physical and mental . Do not give up on the first experiences and keep a positive attitude.


2. Help your body

When you have a good digestion, everything flows better. Eat healthy with fruits and vegetables, and include bifidobacteria and lactic cultures (probiotic actiregularis ).


3. Practice exercise

Aerobics, resistance or meditation: This provides great Benefits to your body, and they will make you feel better during the day and rest relaxed at night.


Help yourself connect your body with your mind

Adequate nutrition helps your body stay in excellent shape, and red fruits, seeds, some fruits and even chocolate stimulate you to release "Hormones of happiness" (endorphins); they are a powerful ally for you to keep good mental health, and reduce the stress and avoid possible gastrointestinal or cardiovascular problems.

Next time choose what makes you feel good, and if you need it try to meditate and practice yoga; You will feel a positive change in your state of cheer up.


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