5 most exciting sexual positions

When a couple experiences different sexual positions in intimacy it not only increases the wish and the passion in the relationship, but it generates a great emotional bond and benefits the self-esteem of the people.

To enjoy these benefits and have a better mood, we share the most exciting sexual positions, according to Kamasutra.ms :

Mirror: The woman lies on her back with her legs raised; his partner must kneel and hold the legs of his partner with one arm while leaning with the other on the bed and penetrates. With this sexual position you can observe the intensity of the pleasure in their faces.

Delight: She approaches the edge of the bed or a chair. He kneels to penetrate her, while the woman tilts her body back and wraps her legs around her partner.

Deep: This is one of the positions Sexual penetration. She has to open and raise her legs so her partner can penetrate her; then he should place his legs on his shoulders and his hands on his hips to regulate the movement.

Amazon: The man lies on his back, with his legs slightly open and flexed towards his chest. She must sit on her haunches to push the movement with her legs.

Wheelbarrow: At the edge of the bed and with the forearms supported, the woman lies face down, while the man must stand on the edge of the bed and lift her legs to penetrate. The stimulus and pleasure are concentrated in the genitals of both, but it is the man who carries the rhythm, attracting her body to his.

Remember that the variety of movements and sensations of sexual positions should be regulated by both, so they should have excellent communication so that the two experience great pleasure. Forget shyness and enjoy a healthy sex life.

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