Yoga improves your emotional health

The people who practice yoga have achieved great benefits in their quality of life. its flexibility increases. They are more people serene Y wise , so they channel their emotions properly. This is one of the reasons why it is considered as a possible "alternative medicine".

Various investigations show that the yoga can help people to alleviate their emotional pains , physical pains , chronic diseases , obesity , depression and hypertension . About, Sat Bir Singh Khalsa , professor of Harvard Medical School , indicates that the benefits granted by this discipline are due to the connection that exists between the mind and the body:

"The best evidence is that the yoga considerably reduces the levels of stress and it helps to have a clearer mind to make better decisions. "

According to National Institute of Health in the United States , the yoga combines various practices, such as:


  1. Everything is focused on the power of breathing
  2. Physical postures require effort, awareness and meditation
  3. A key point is the relaxation . You must leave behind your sorrows and problems, to enjoy the here and now

For Khalsa, the meditation , relaxation Y breathing in the yoga are very beneficial for treatments against anxiety and various emotional diseases. The constant practice of this lifestyle strengthens the immune system: "When our body is strong, our defenses improve and we tend to get sick less."

For this reason, experts say, the best thing that people can do is adopt the yoga as a way of life, knowing that the key is not the postures, but the relaxation and awareness that is made in each movement.

Video Medicine: The Benefits of Yoga Poses (May 2021).