Are you afraid of success?

Personal fears are terrible counselors, because not only do they prevent us from realizing dreams and goals, but the real limitations we have are magnified disproportionately to generate a fear of success.

Almost no one could publicly confess their fear of success, indeed, it is not easy for someone to publicly affirm that a promotion in work, academic or artistic achievement, produces some fear. The reality is that no matter how much you want something and seek to concretize, sometimes we ourselves sabotage ourselves to not achieve it.

Jenifer Linda Salinas , psychologist and therapist , explains that the fear of success, sometimes becomes a psychological condition that can paralyze us and comments that this is related to low self-esteem and in more serious cases, with a feeling of inferiority and little or even no self-confidence; causes that we consciously or unconsciously ruin the possibility of triumph.

How is this situation faced? The specialist recommends that we seek professional help to detect what event in our life history caused tension and feelings of disability, and shares an example:

"When a child was made responsible for the care of his siblings, or forced to do activities that involved a physical and mental effort for which he was not fit by age or condition, this type of situation is generated," he explains.

He adds that "that is why it is important to discover what situation or series of experiences caused it and thus work in not being afraid of being exposed to others and not fulfilling expectations".

In addition to seeking support from a psychologist, the specialist gives us some recommendations to combat it:

  1. Honestly recognize the skills and limitations we have.
  2. We must accept that sometimes we will win and sometimes we will not.
  3. Propose achievable and measurable goals.
  4. We must avoid negative thoughts.
  5. We have to believe we deserve to have achievements.

It is necessary to reflect on the prejudices we have in different spheres such as work, couple and family, so that we can discover the wrong ideas with which we are governed for decision making and through which we think what is possible. 'e' impossible 'to achieve due to our circumstances.

A large number of public or private achievements would never have been made, if their protagonists had not been able to stop along the way to inform themselves, correct and reflect on their work, the way they do it and their reason for being.

The success is first of all, consequence of a personal version that we must define before starting its construction. If you want to know more information write to

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