Since that day when Sandra decided to tell her mother about her sexual preference, his life has gone on in a continuing transgression of society; first by his choice not to hide his preference (lesbian or bisexual) and second by his overweight.

What she and, why not say, most of us do not know is that sexuality influences the weight . Yes, as you read, according to the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health , on average 75% of the Lesbian and bisexual women are overweight or obese .

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Although, at first instance you might think that genetics or some change in the cortex of the brain (both related to sexual diversity ) have to do with overweight in this part of society, it is really a matter of perception.

Because lesbian or bisexual women are prone to see themselves at a healthy weight, even if they really are not; something very different in the case of homosexual men, who have a concern for look toned and slender .

This makes it necessary for Sandra, like a large part of the overweight population, to be more aware that this situation may amount to risks to her health; example, developing diabetes, hypertension or cancer.

To avoid this, we recommend you do:

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