Which of these are you?

When the children they leave childhood behind and their social life is more booming than ever, it is very common that as a mom you start to plan an adequate "strategy" to prevent them from leaving control .

In this process it is very common to leave aside important points such as responsibility or its freedom and there is a transformation in you, discover what kind of mom you are and find out if you have changed.


Which of these are you?

To help you know the role you are playing as a mom self appraisal sincere is the first step, answer the following test and find out:

1. If your child tells you that he will go to a meeting at a friend's house with his classmates, what attitude do you take ?:
a) You give permission, but ask who you will be with and ask for the address in order to locate it.
b) You ask me to call you every certain time, and you tell him that you will pick it up in a couple of hours.
c) The idea excites you and you decide to accompany him to the party.

2.  They were invited to your best friend's wedding and it's time to choose the right clothes for the occasion, you:
a) You propose to go out and find some outfit that you like and that is appropriate for that day.
b) You go to buy a set that you consider is the right one, and you convince it that it is the best option.
c) You like their clothes, and suggest they buy clothes in the store they frequent.

3. He decided to open an account in a social network to communicate with all his friends, but he does not have you as a contact:
a) You simply respect their decision and their privacy.
b) You add it and also ask for your password and when you are not at home, you enter your profile to protect it from any risk.
c) You add your contacts and begin to relate to them.

4. There's a piyamada at home, and they're all gathered in the room:
a) You tell your child that if they need anything they call you to help them.
b) Visits frequently to see what they do, and you reiterate that they should sleep early.
c) You stay with them and propose games to have a better time.

5. It turns out that the fashion cut liked your son so much that he decided to do it on vacation without warning, how would you react ?:
a) You let him have it some days so that he does not stay with the desire, but in a reasonable time you ask him to change it.
b) You send it immediately to take it away and punish for not informing you previously.
c) You like it so much that you also dare to do it.


Responsible, controlling or adolescent?

Majority A: responsible. You are going for the good way!

Your relationship has the three key words in relationships with your child: Responsibility, communication and respect. Your role is that of a conscious and understanding mother, without reaching the extremes.
Something that will strengthen and give variety to the bond you have with him, is that you generate and encourage the communication bonds that they have, give him the confidence to express himself, and that there is feedback from you.

Majority B: controller. Relax a little

There is no doubt that you must let go of control. Although it is obvious that you want the best for your child, you need to give her an opportunity to choose what she really likes. It would be very good for your relationship if you tried to be more empathetic and listen to their opinion, because the imposition is not healthy for the family.
A good idea is that you try to be more understanding and put yourself in their place, since you are only thinking about what is appropriate according to your perspective.

Majority C: Teenager. Remember that you are his mother

You are the kind of mom that the boys call "good vibes" and that many times, it is even more popular than their son. You should try to be prudent in the way you intervene in their life, as well as be respectful and let them develop their own relationships.
A tip that will be useful is that you do not invade their recreational spaces, and that you remember that you are the one in charge of their education and well-being.

You, what kind of mom are you?

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