What is the age limit of the human being

The average in Life expectancy it increases at a rate of 2 years per decade and this trend shows no signs of diminishing.

According to the BBC World portal 200 years ago our life expectancy was only half of what we enjoy now. The reason for the constant increase in "life expectancy is the decrease in mortality rate in the elderly "indicated the professor Tom Kirkwood of the Institute of Aging and Health of the University of Newcastle, in the United Kingdom.

This expert believes that the body is evolving to maintain itself and repair itself better, while genes they do the same by delaying the damage that eventually lead to death , so "aging is not a fixed biological process," Kirkwood said.

The same expert and his colleagues in Newcastle found in a study that a considerable number of people enjoy good health and independence during their last years, when they are already close to 90. This is due to better Feeding Habits , to better life conditions , education and obviously to the progress in the medicine .

Current doctors may have better management of long-term health conditions in conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Kirkwood said: "We are reaching the stage of senior citizen with less cumulative damage than previous generations. We are healthier "

"There is no natural limit" for life. Last year, the Statistical Office of the United Kingdom noted that, currently, almost one in every 5 people in that country will live to see their 100th birthday.