Diapers for incontinence in elderly people

Older people suffer incontinence urinary (UTI) and fecal cancers more frequently than other segments of the adult population: half of the inhabitants of nursing homes are incontinent and it is known that up to one in 10 people 65 years old or more is it too.


According to the Journal of the United States Medical Association (JAMA), the aging It is not the reason for the UI. In fact, the losses of urine Temporary can occur for many reasons: urinary tract and vaginal infections, constipation or even the consumption of certain drugs.


Another variety of problems has to do with persistent incontinence (the loss of strength and elasticity of the muscles that hold the bladder), the blockage of the urethra (as a result of an increase in the prostate or surgery of the same), neurological diseases such as Parkinson's or immobility.


The most recommended diapers


The use of the diaper, without any doubt, diminishes the self-esteem of the elderly person. Therefore, it is convenient to consider it only when the habits and routines of the rest of the family change due to the urinary or fecal incontinence of the elderly person, not before.


The use of a diaper is a good option when the patient is cared for, they have talked about it and it has been decided by common agreement that it is the best for everyone.


The best products of this type are those that agglutinate the liquids, that is to say, those that turn it into jelly since they manage to keep perfectly dry the pelvic area and, especially, the genitals.


The creams or ointments for chafing are excellent, particularly those that contain in their formula vitamins A and / or E. The specialists also advise to use those that have some mild antiseptic.


As a preventive measure, it is useful to apply solid petrolatum in all the body of the elderly, especially in the pelvic area, genitals, perineum (area between the genitals and the anus), as this will lubricate and waterproof the skin and prevent the presence of any aggression.

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