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According to an investigation that publishes CyberPsychology and Behavior Journal until this year (2013) Whatsapp he has been responsible for 28 million love breaks; due to a syndrome called "double check".


What is "double check"?

Although you know it, when you send a message and it is received correctly by the recipient, a "popcorn" appears on the right side. When it is received another "popcorn" is added and contrary to what you would think this does not always mean that the recipient has read it; although most users think so.


It's not what it seems...

In GetQoralHealth we present 5 reasons why the platform Whatsapp, can generate love breakdowns or confusion between couples or friends.

1. The "popcorn". In the year 2012 the company Whatsapp, revealed that observing two "popcorn" did not always mean that the recipient had read the message; the same company explains that when observing these "popcorn" most users enter into an anxious state believing that the recipient has received the message and has not responded.

2. Last connection. This information also generates a lot of expectation in the users, since having a record of the time of the last connection generates anxiety and anger if a "strange" schedule is found.

3. "Online". The application is left open, even if the user is not present is observed "online". This situation makes some users think that the recipient is completely ignoring their messages.

4. Interpretation. Due to the little "personal" of the medium, there may be confusion between the messages written by users since there is no face-to-face interpretation.

5. "Catch". Although it is a useful means for couples to maintain communication, especially if we consider the null cost; It is necessary not to leave everything in the hands of this platform and for couples to find moments for the meeting in person.


How to know if they blocked me?

With information from the official website of Whatsapp There are 2 ways to know if a contact has blocked you:

1. You already "do not see it". If you no longer see your "last time" or "online" status of your contact in the chat window.

2. One only. The messages you send are only marked with a "popcorn".

Clarification .Whatsapp, you can not confirm if someone has blocked you because it would mean violating the privacy of that person.


Take care of your emotional health!

Cyber ​​Psychology and Behauviour Journal estimated that there are more than 300 million users of Whatsapp in the world. This application is very favorable to establish relationships or start one.

Despite the benefits, the abuse of this platform can generate negative effects. For example; the loss of control due to distance or the means of communication and the jealousy that manifests itself in an "espionage" where the user wants to obtain details and record of all movement made by the recipient.

Video Medicine: Double Check (April 2024).