What can be done in this situation?

Surely it's something that you've ever asked yourself, Why do men take everything as a claim? When all you wanted was to make a comment and you partner it is altered, and provokes a discussion where there should not be.

It is something that all women have ever experienced, when we express our needs or points of view, they react as if they were offended. Many lose their heads when they feel the need to solve problems, and what they do not understand is that it was a simple remark of relief.

According to the couple relationship expert, Arleen Fitzgerald , United Health Care, ensures that some comments that men take as 'claim' generates stress and they release cortisol , which causes them to react violently to the situation.


What can be done in this situation?

It is necessary to make the clarification. Tell him that it was a simple comment and should not take it as a claim, it is not necessary to cause a problem because of that.

It is indispensable the communication in couple and you must give it to understand. Of course, always speaking without raising the tone of voice or being challenging.

Once the point is clarified, they should no longer continue with the same topic, otherwise it will become a 'snowball' and that is when they say "again with the same theme".

Now you know why men take everything as a claim . Do not limit yourself to saying what you feel, but remember that, in asking is giving, your reaction will depend on how you say things.


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