What ball to choose?

The Swiss ball It has become an excellent complement when performing exercises to strengthen the arms , because they prosecute more effective movements.


What the ball does is act as a tool to activate the muscles additional to stabilize, making exercise more difficult, even for those in excellent physical condition, "he says. THE. Russell , physical trainer of Studio Lagree in Toronto.


What ball to choose?

Russell claims that the same size of Swiss ball It does not work for everyone. To know if it is right for you, you should be able to sit on the ball comfortably with your feet planted on the ground, says the expert.


The less stature you have, the smaller the Swiss ball should be, and vice versa, "he explains.

Perform exercises to strengthen your arms It will help you build muscle, which even in small changes can make a difference in your ability to perform everyday activities, such as lifting things, says the National Institutes of Health .

In our video, Mateo Martínez , director of Personal Trainer Mexico (PTM) , teaches you a simple routine to perform exercises to strengthen the arms with Swiss ball. Press play!

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