Tone your legs in 20 minutes

To have some legs healthy and toned you should not spend much time in the gym, from the comfort of your home you can perform some routines to burn fat and strengthen your quadriceps in just 20 minutes.

According to information published in The Huffington Post , both men and women will increase their physical performance and you will show a healthier body with these simple exercises :

Steel squats: Stand with your legs slightly open and hold a bar with weights at shoulder level. Keep your back straight, bend the knees and lower as much as you can, without taking off the sole of the feet from the ground. Remain a few minutes like this and return to the original position, as shown in the video:

Bank jump: Stand in front of a step bench, lower your body and jump with your arms, end with your legs semi-flexed over it. Return to the initial position.

Side squat: With the legs more than the width of the waist, bring the hip back on one leg, while the other remains stretched. When you finish on one side, do the other.

Ski jumps: In a position of exertion, with the back leg to the side, push yourself and jump to the other side, changing the leg with which you finish. Impulse with your arms.

Shuffle jumps: In a position of exertion, jump with your arms, alternate your legs in the air and fall using the other leg. If it is very difficult for you, start by jumping on the same leg, without alternating it.

Remember that to exercise the quadriceps is very important the position of the feet during exercises , so always take care of your position. Do not forget to make a heating routine before practicing them. And you, how do you exercise the quadriceps?

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