after one injury It is essential that you practice rehabilitation exercises so that the muscle is strengthened. At the end of this process, it is important that you know how to resume exercise after a sprain.

According to research conducted by University of South Australia , physiotherapy is vital for recovery; If the muscle is not worked with the proper exercises, it could leave sequels.

But if you are looking to resume your activities in the gym, what you should take into account is the following:



It's the first thing you should do, if you do not heat up your muscles you could injure the muscle rehabilitated .

You must practice at least 10 minutes of warm-up before your activity.



This is a process, you must start with low performance activities so you do not risk your joints and muscles.

You should not carry heavy weights. For example if you previously loaded 50lb, you must start with 25.



At the end of your routine it is recommended to perform a massage in the rehabilitated area, stimulating the tendons will get you to resume your routine quickly.

If you follow these tips, in addition, you will improve your physical activity and performance, remember that resume exercise after a sprain It must be gradual.


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