Vacation without an athlete's foot!

Undoubtedly, this year-end vacation could leave you with more than good memories, such as the unpleasant athlete's foot. Quiet! It is a common infection that is quickly solved.


Let's clarify, athlete's foot is an infection created by a fungus that develops in humid environments, so those places that we thought were only to enjoy in our vacations, can be where you get it, like the pool, gym or spa .



Maybe you wonder, How to take care so that your feet do not go through this?


  1. Use exercise shoes only at the time of sports.

  2. Change your socks every day.

  3. Use sandals when you go to the sports club, gym or some hotel in shower and pool.

  4. Dry your feet carefully after each bath, especially between your fingers.

  5. Try to get away from places with excessive moisture that can promote the appearance of the fungus.



And sure, now the next question comes to your head, How to detect if you have athlete's foot? The first thing you should do is check your feet; if they present peeling , especially between the fingers; and you also have burning, pain, sweating, and bad smell. If so, it's time for you to apply a medication Quick and effective relief that eliminates athlete's foot.


Mycelvan ® is the broad spectrum treatment that eliminates the different types of fungi that cause athlete's foot. You can choose the presentation that goes your way; in cream or spray, just apply it once a day for 7 days and put an end to these unpleasant annoyances.

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