Tone your body with pole fitness

Say goodbye to inhibitions and dare to enjoy the benefits that this fun exercise has for you Pole fitness it is a low impact activity that includes strength, endurance, aerobic conditioning, elasticity and coordination.

This activity will help you exercise your muscles , since these work constantly to support the weight of your body on the bar.

Regardless of your age, weight or complexion, "Tube classes" They are an excellent option to stay active with a dynamic of free body expression. Besides being in shape, you can see yourself and feel very sexy; but do not forget that perseverance is a primordial element to achieve the desired results.


Know your benefits

  1. You can burn from 250 to 800 calories per class
  2. Improves the cardiovascular system
  3. Greater flexibility of your body
  4. Tone your muscles and mold your figure
  5. Correct the posture of your body, because this must be aligned to make the turns
  6. Improve your balance
  7. It is a healthy and fun activity
  8. Increase your self-esteem

And if what you want is to lose weight, it is best to consult a specialist in nutrition to recommend the food program that best suits your needs.

Pole fitness It is a very complete discipline that, besides being interesting and attractive, makes you feel more free and sure of yourself. Feel a safe and full woman both physically and emotionally.

And you are willing to disinhibit and show your sensuality?

Video Medicine: Pole Bodies (May 2024).