5 differences between sadness and depression

The symptoms of depression Y sadness On many occasions they are difficult to differentiate due to their similarities, however; according to University of Chicago There are scientific studies and certain behaviors that help detect the characteristics of each of these emotional states. Know them below.

1. The depression is a psychological illness which is characterized by the person is in a state of deep sadness or anguish . This state becomes chronic if it is maintained for at least six months.

2. The sadness It is a normal state of mind, which is part of the emotional spectrum of people. Being sad is a reaction to particular circumstances, such as the loss of a loved one, the weather even for hormonal changes in the case of women.

3. One way to differentiate depression of the sadness is through a neuroimaging where it can be observed that depressed people have a series of brain anomalies, a defect that sadness does not present.

4. People with depression , are unable to cope with normal situations that can easily be overcome by anyone under normal conditions. People with depression they have the nervous system , same as him immune system , deteriorated.

5. The sadness becomes depression when the person becomes unable to face their day to day, when the emotions they limit it, and depressive feelings last longer than normal.

If you detect any symptoms of depression , it is important that you go immediately to your doctor for an opportune diagnosis, since in many occasions this condition becomes a disabling situation. Good luck!

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