They develop artificial eye with natural movements

Students of the National Polytechnic Institute developed a bionic eye prosthesis with the ability to perform movements synchronized with the natural eye, without neglecting the aesthetics of the artificial organ.

Gerardo Reyes García and Héctor Chayan Valtierra Vallejo of the race Bionic Engineering , used the development of this prosthesis as a research project during their stay in the Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Engineering and Advanced Technologies (UPIITA).

Unlike similar prostheses existing in the market, the new creation has a mechanism that provides moves more harmonic and synchronized with the natural eye . We worked on the aesthetic appearance of the prosthesis, so that patients who need it, can look more natural and support them in their self-esteem.

The prosthesis offers no vision for the patient, it is only aesthetic character and its strength lies in the conjugate movement with the natural eye, for which it requires superficial sensors in the face of a person with a visual organ, with the purpose of extracting the necessary signals to recreate a displacement altogether and achieve the desired degree of movement.

Like all initiatives coming from universities, this technology requires the support of private industry to achieve mass production and to reach the public massively.

The project was supported by the advice of UPIITA researchers, Gonzalo Solís Villela, José de Jesús Garnica Verdiguel and Ricardo Roberto Horta Olivares.

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