Stretching the shoulders

Like all parts of the body shoulders they can also cause discomfort; besides medicines there are also very good exercises to relieve shoulder pain .

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most of pains in shoulders and back they manifest themselves through excessive exertion or stress.

According to studies carried out by the University of London, muscles suffer contractures with stress.

Medications can often affect the intestinal flora; that is why it is recommended to perform exercises to relieve shoulder pain.

With these exercises your shoulders will say goodbye to the pain ...


Stretching the shoulders

The stretching It is basic for the muscles to rest.

This exercise involves stretching the arm and placing it behind the back and grasping the elbow with the opposite hand.

This position must be maintained for 30 seconds for best results and at least 3 repetitions.

Video Medicine: Exercises and Stretches For Shoulder Pain (May 2021).