Thin, but with a bulging belly ...

For many women being thin is not synonymous with a flat stomach; Beyond genetics or an active lifestyle, there is a factor that in most cases is recurrent and hinders this objective: inflammation.

Inflammation is related to the symptoms of various diseases; example, colitis or gastritis, but according to the National Library of Medicine of the United States, Its most frequent origin is due to the ingestion of not so beneficial foods.

Who would not want to show off a flat stomach? Thus GetQoralHealth presents you with three foods that influence abdominal distension. Discover them!

1. Sugar substitutes. An article published in the magazine Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology, indicates that sucralose (sugar substitute) is related to the deterioration of digestive proteases, caused by the inhibition of bacteria in the intestine by chemicals. This causes intestinal inflammatory diseases to increase.

2. Legumes. Beans and chickpeas are some legumes that produce a lot of gases and therefore of inflammation. The reason for this undesirable physiological phenomenon is because these foods contain sugars that are known as oligosaccharides. Molecules of enormous size that can not be absorbed by the small intestine.

3. Soft drinks. An investigation carried out by the University Hospital of Zurich found that a consumption of beverages sweetened with fructose or glucose produces adverse changes in the metabolism of glucose and lipids and in markers of inflammation. Among the most common drinks in the country is the soda, the same that in addition to inflammation produces an increase in weight.

The list of foods that produce inflammation is very large, but many of them produce an inflammatory reaction because some of its components cause allergy.

To achieve a flat stomach you should not suppress these foods, you should only consume them in moderation. The key is a balanced diet.

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