Secret to have whiter teeth

How to have whiter teeth? Many times because of our habits the teeth can look with a yellow tone that prevents us from smiling fully, however, there are some tricks that we can use to favor whiteness.

According to information from Soe Kabbabe, writer specialized in beauty and collaborator of , there are several cosmetics that can help you have a perfect smile and eliminate the fear of smiling because you do not want to show your teeth.

The specialist details that some lip tones can highlight or dull the color of your teeth like the following:


  1. Lighter teeth. Choose a lipstick or shine with blue tones. Cold tones help reduce the yellow tone of your teeth.
  2. Automatic bleaching . The red lipstick is the favorite to show a smile to everyone. The more fruity shades such as raspberry, blueberry and strawberry can be adapted to any type of skin and achieve a good harmony with the teeth.
  3. Sensuality. In addition to providing that sensual touch, the colors wine, burgundy or plum are very flattering to whiten the smile.

The only colors you should avoid at all times are oranges, peaches, light pink and neutral, since they will make you look more yellowish and less jovial teeth.

Remember that oral health is the key to having a healthy tooth, free of decay and totally white. Brush your teeth at least three times a day. Try to reduce the consumption of tobacco and coffee, which can stain your teeth.

Complement your care with a balanced diet, with products that help clean your teeth like strawberries and apples. And you, how do you have white teeth?

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