Rose therapy, discover its benefits

The activities of daily life, and the problems that are faced in it, can generate not only high levels of anxiety and stress, but also a decrease in confidence and an emotional and physical imbalance; But can it be avoided? Relaxation therapy can be a solution.

Among the relaxation therapies that you can resort to is healing with roses. Based on an element that ancient cultures considered the queen among flowers: the rose. This provides the therapy with the elements necessary to cure the mood.

According to the Body psychotherapist and director of Om Shakti, Leticia Ramírez de Roman , roses therapy offers the following benefits:

1. Love

2. Trust

3. Self-knowledge

4. Self-esteem

There are different procedures in which you can apply a rose therapy; example, a steam bath or temazcal with rose petals, through which people can reach a state of relaxation through detoxification and nervous regulation.

Another option is an energy sweep with massage, which stimulates blood flow throughout the body: legs, arms, head. This helps a deep rest as the aroma and contact of the roses intervenes.

This procedure can help you achieve a more balanced spiritual and physical state so that you face the problems of your life. Try it!

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