Regulate your heart rate while you exercise

When a program of exercises It is essential to do it in a serious and responsible manner. Run A lot or spending a lot of hours in the gym does not mean training well. What matters, experts say, is not the amount of training but the quality of it and one of the ways to achieve it is through the control of the Heart Rate (FC).

For this, it is important to quantify the percentage of effort that is being made during the entire session of exercises .

Learn to measure yourself

The control of the FC It can be done manually or by means of an accessory that constantly measures the frequency during the entire work session.

There are some watches on the market called "pulsometers" that control the effort. Some models have the possibility of programming the minimum and maximum HR, with which the training .

When the HR decreases the minimum or exceeds the programmed maximum, an alarm sounds that indicates that the intensity of the effort should be decreased or increased.

You can also use the so-called "training computer", another kind of wristwatch that helps achieve maximum efficiency in training.

It is ideal for both cardiovascular and strength training. There are also some models that mark the weekly objectives of training of each person and adapt to their particular habits, without being too strict and allowing flexibility during the week.