Burn calories with Boot Camp

All women who want to have a toned, delineated and free body grease , like the socialite Kim Kardashian , you can get it; they just have to practice Boot Camp , A plan of exercises that military training is used.

Kim Kardashian says he is a fan of this new trend, so he does not lose the opportunity to burn between 800 and 1,500 calories in a single session of Boot Camp. Another star that does not hesitate to exercise in this way is Amanda Seyfried .


What is the Boot Camp?

The Boot Camp Strengthen your mind and body through a series of exercises performed by the US Marines, which ensures good results in a short time.

The plan must be designed by a specialized instructor, who will include intense aerobic exercises of strength, endurance and flexibility such as: Abdominals, exertions, squats, push-ups, rope jumping, boxing, running and stretching; without forgetting the recovery intervals.

The Boot Camp It is recommended to people who need discipline, motivation and burn calories soon. So if you already got bored with the gym, this activity will be your solution. The following video shows some exercises that are done:

This intense preparation must be done in the open air due to the space that is needed to work your body, strength, coordination and psychological resistance. Another of the benefits offered by the Boot Camp are:

  1. Reduce the stress and the anxiety
  2. Lose weight and burn the body fat
  3. Increase your strength
  4. Improve your cardiovascular health
  5. Fight the depression Y fatigue
  6. Increase your self-esteem
  7. Improve your posture
  8. Strengthen your memory
  9. Prevents injuries muscular

Specialists recommend that before practicing Boot Camp visit your doctor to confirm that you are in optimal health, as well as have a certain degree of physical conditioning so that you do not abandon the training in the first session. And you, do you dare to burn calories with the Boot Camp?

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Video Medicine: Bootcamp Calorie Burn - Workout Video - ExerciseTV (June 2024).