5 celebrities young people in rehabilitation

1.Demi lovato she was admitted to a rehabilitation center in November 2010, because she had emotional and physical problems ranging from sadorexia (self-mutilation in the skin to remove the anxiety of eating), to possible drug use and alcohol abuse according to various American publications.

This 18-year-old begins to raise concerns among parents who claim that it is not a good image for children and adolescents who try to imitate her.

2. Britney Spears was the subject of great media coverage in 2007 when he entered rehabilitation for his addiction problems. Spears was 25 years old when she voluntarily entered a center for treatment, however she left it on several occasions.

The risk behaviors that led the singer to be severely criticized by the Association of Parents of the United States, were from shaving the head and getting tattoos until the alcohol abuse in parties.

3. The ex star of Disney, Lindsay Lohan Since she was very young she presented problems of substance abuse, and in 2010 she confessed to the press her addiction to drugs and her close encounter with death due to a alcohol and cocaine cocktail that he ingested She had problems with eating disorders and the 23-year-old actress declared bisexual, has entered rehabilitation more than 3 times in your life. In 2010 she was given a sentence that sent her briefly to jail for possession of cocaine.

"Drugs that alter the mind are very dangerous. I am allowed to drink alcohol but within my limits. To celebrate so much is not worth it now, "he revealed before his departure from rehabilitation .

4. The co star of Spider Man, Kirsten Dunst He entered rehabilitation in 2008 to treat problems of alcohol abuse. Center Cirque Lodge Treatment Center It is located in the state of Utah, E.U.A, and has been used by other artists such as Linsay Lohan and Eva Mendes. Subsequent statements from Dunst confirmed that the reason he entered treatment was because of problems with depression.

5. Amy Winehouse He has won six Grammy Awards, a Mercury Award and a BRIT in his musical career, but he is also popularly known for his self destructive behavior. The report of his addictions indicates that he suffers from alcoholism and drug abuse. There is also speculation about their possible problems of depression and eating disorders.

In the year 2007 Winehouse had to cancel her musical tour because she was hospitalized by a heroin overdose . He has entered and left rehabilitation centers without having a period of sustained abstinence that can make her recover a state of optimal health.