Why do emotions cause constipation?

More than 17 million Mexicans suffer constipation chronic, but only 30% seek medical help; the rest take laxatives, teas or supplements to evacuate. But what are theCauses of  this suffering ?

It is known that age (around 38 years), gender (3 women per man) and sedentary lifestyle are triggers of the constipation .

But also the consumption of medications such as antispasmodics, antacids with aluminum and iron or calcium supplements, as well as certain emotions, indicates the Constipation diagnostic and treatment guidelines in Mexico

Yes ... a "bad" handling of emotions It is related to the constipation because the intestine and the brain is it so connected . If you want to know what are the alterations of your mood that can constipate you. Click on our survey


Why do emotions cause constipation?

Donna Gates , author of best seller The Body Ecology Diet, explains why when we do not control the fear anger, sadness or guilt we are more likely to suffer constipation .

These emotions make your body enter a state of stress and produce high levels of cortisol . This hormone causes the defenses of your body to fall or weaken, as well as the ability to digest food, since the brain is connected to the intestines.


When the food does not digest properly we feel inflammation, gas, abdominal pain and difficulty to evacuate ", assures Donna Gates .

Remember that if you do not have at least one evacuation a day, you try too hard to achieve it, or you have an incomplete feeling, it can be a sign of constipation .  

If you notice these symptoms and laxatives or medications fail to help you, the American College of Gastroenterology recommends therapy to reduce symptoms of sadness , worry or fear . He also recommends relaxation techniques to reduce the stress .

Changes in your diet may help you. For example, decrease the consumption of dairy products or carbonated drinks, eat more fiber, serve small portions of food and make more than three meals a day.

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