Pleasure and sexual satisfaction

After years of performing the same practices in the sex , there may come a time when you need to find ways to intensify your sex life again, to avoid falling into routines or that relationships are not satisfactory .

The pleasure comes from daring to do new things. Courtesy: Gettyimages

Being more risky will help you, because according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine , people who practice the lifestyle Bondage, Dominance & Sado-Masochism (BDSM), have a mental health much greater than those who practice sex more "conservative".


Pleasure and sexual satisfaction

So that you achieve a little "intensity" in your sex life , we provide you with some simple ways in which you can achieve it.

1. Seductive massage. Eva Gizowska , specialist in couple author of "Seduction: 100 tips to attract" , recommend previous to sex : with your partner lying face down, put your hands on the bottom of your spine and massage up, be imaginative and try different pressure.

2. Sensual soundtrack. Logan Levkoff , sexologist certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists , says that a good way to reach the waist is through the ears. Create your list "horny "And use it to set the mood, do not forget to dance.

3. New corners to explore. Many couples are used to having sex only in bed, which obscures the possibility of experiencing more pleasure . Levkoff says that when you have sex in new places, you implement sexual positions different and more intensity.

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