Essential oils allow your mind and body

Natural essential oils are considered great collaborators for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of any person, its use helps to diminish some symptoms of diseases, besides promoting a emotional balance .

This type of oil is the living essence of the plant, extracted from different parts: leaves, stems, flowers, buds, roots or seeds, through a special distillation process that conserves the regenerative properties of the whole plant . In short, it is the living energy of all plant .

Essential oils contain the molecules with the most powerful oxygenating capacity known, transport nutrients to cells and allow them to discard toxins .

When we inhale an essential oil, it goes directly to the central part of the brain. It affects the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland and tonsils. That is why they help us to work with our emotions and connect us with our inner being.

On the feet are the nerve terminals of all the organs; Therefore, when they are applied to these, they can reach the whole body in minutes. They work on very subtle aspects of the human being.

Each one of the oils has very special characteristics thanks to the innumerable components that they possess, by using them a synergy is created, obtaining extraordinary effects due to the fact that they work at a level holistic .

Its use depends on the type of oil and the effect you want to obtain, but can usually be applied topically in specific areas such as the wrists, the base of the neck, nose, temple, behind the ears and on the soles of the feet .

They can be used alone or diluted in olive or almond oil, also inhaled directly or put in a special diffuser, but be careful not to heat the oil to preserve all the components and therefore, take advantage of its benefits.

For an oil to be 100% pure and of therapeutic grade, it must have the following characteristics:

1. Purity : 100% organic farming and that chemicals have never been used in these lands.
2. Power : By means of a special distillation process that preserves all the components of the plants.
3. Electric frequency : Measures the life energy of the plant .

Therefore, it is necessary to select the species correct that are planted in optimal conditions in completely organic lands, cultivated and harvested at the right time.

In this sense, Young Living has developed a proprietary and patented distillation process to preserve all the components of the plants, so that you can take advantage of their benefits on a physical, mental and emotional level. In addition, at the same time you acquire these products you will be supporting APAC.

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