Other causes

Various conditions can be causes of blurry vision , including refractive errors, organic lesions of ocular structures, conditions such as waterfalls or migraine with aura, and even the consumption of certain drugs , says the Eye Institute in New Zealand.

Each one of the errors of refraction, hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism, provoke you blurry vision different, based on its basic alterations; that is, when viewing from a distance, near or regardless of distance, explains the institution.

Likewise, waterfalls present as part of their symptomatology blurry vision , and although at first it only affects a small part of the lens of the eye , which may even be imperceptible, when the problem progresses it completely clouds the view, affirms Mayo Clinic .

In the next video, José Luis Merino Saldaña , ophthalmologist, surgeon, explains the symptoms in detail and the diagnosis of the waterfalls .


Other causes

On the other hand, diabetes It is also a common cause, since the damages by the high levels of sugar against the blood vessels of the retina , they result in a complication called Diabetic retinopathy , which clouds the eyesight and can even cause blindness, affirms the Des Moines University .

If none of these conditions has been diagnosed, it is important that you evaluate the side effects of the medicines what do you consume? A study of National University of the Northeast , in Argentina, indicates that drugs such as homatropine cause blurry vision .

When the condition is temporary, you can look for techniques to alleviate your view of constant exposure to the computer and natural fatigue; try to put your index finger in front of you, move it away and bring it closer while you look at it. Repeat the movement 10 times each time you need it.

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