Open your mind and find the balance

The physical activity (regardless of what it is) has benefits to the physical and emotional health of who practice it. However, if one exercise complements another, the results can be surprising; example, doing yoga before go for a run.


Yoga and running are aerobic exercises which can help you reduce hunger, according to a study conducted in the Faculty of Sports Science, University of Western Australia. This is because it increases sensitivity to leptin, hormone which indicates to brain That is satisfied and we do not need to eat.

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Open your mind and find the balance

However, what are the best positions to start your running routine? The director ofMexican Institute of Yoga, Ana Paula Domínguez, teaches you, in the next video, the best. Get the best out of both disciplines!


Forever Young

The yoga, In addition to helping people balance the different aspects of the life of a human being: body and mind. It can also influence, and in some cases, slow down the process of aging.

According to a study conducted by John Denninger, of the Benson-Henry Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital, Mind-body techniques, among which the practice of yoga, can activate the genes linked to the immune system, in addition to those responsible for the metabolism and secretions of insulin.

Remember that when you perform more than half an hour of exercise a day, you help your body not only to burn fat, but also to learn and improve all the processes that it performs.

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