Deep Muscle Therapy

Deep muscle therapy (TMP) or Deep Tissue Therapy It is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Its main objective is to release the chronic stress patterns in the body of psychosomatic, emotional or mechanical origin through slow manipulations and deep pressure in the contracted areas, either in the same direction or in the opposite direction to the fibers of the muscles, tendons and fascia.

The purpose of the TMP is to release from the causal origin patterns that reproduce in the patient the deep tension, remove the toxins, relax the muscle and "take off" the fibers of the muscles. Deep tissue therapy can be used to eliminate fibrosis, realign muscle fibers, help eliminate myofascial trigger points and muscle adhesions, ensuring that all muscles of the body are worked to prevent possible injuries. So deep muscle therapy is both corrective and therapeutic.

"It is necessary to emphasize that in order for the treatment to be well-founded, it is essential to analyze the origin of the pathologies, for this in my therapies I use Bioenergetics, the understanding of the Triangle of Health and the vision of the Medicine Wheel".

In this way the TMP is revealed as the new cutting-edge technology in treatments of mechanical pathologies. The union of the therapeutic quiromasaje with the vision and treatment of the muscular chains make of these techniques some of the most advanced of our times.

Video Medicine: Kali Muscle: Sports Massage [Deep Tissue] | Kali Muscle (May 2022).