The environment often exposes us to microbes Y bacteria , the way to fight them is through antiseptics , these medications can affect the stomach or intestine by its chemicals. You do not have to worry about that, there are natural antiseptics that do not harm your organism

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When we consume any medication antiseptic very often, our body can become immune to this, reveals a study published by the University of Cardiff , in the United Kingdom. This happens mainly with hand gel disinfectants.

For that reason, here we show you the natural antiseptics that improve your health ...



It is considered one of the best bactericides that exist. It is mainly used to make wounds do not get infected



Besides being the favorite of many for its flavor, honey is used to combat skin wound infections . From the first application, its properties work and accelerate cell regeneration.



It is one of the best fungicides. It is applied directly on wound caused by fungi. Experts recommend it for athlete's foot.



Besides being a plant that has a good aroma is considered one of the best antiseptics . It is recommended to boil the grass and apply as water fomentations directly in the wound.


aloe vera

It is one of the best natural healers. The gel is placed directly on the affected area and left to act until it dries. It is mainly used as a treatment to relieve wounds and burns.

Forget about wound infections with these natural antiseptics that will improve your skin in a short time.



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