One hour of exercise to burn calories

When people do some sports such as cycling, swimming, running, pilates or stationary bicycle, in addition to the desire to reduce stress levels, there is something common: the desire to burn calories.

However, the medical Adriana Liceaga , surgeon and expert in health issues and obesity, indicates that for a person to really lose weight he needs to exercise at least one hour:

"30 minutes is not enough; they are a good try, but if the goal is to burn calories, people should practice hard for at least one hour; It has to make the muscle work. "

Burn more calories than you eat

According to Liceaga, people should understand that only by eating a balanced diet and exercising, at least three or four days a week, beneficial changes in the body will be achieved:

"It's very easy to eat a chocolate in 5 minutes and have 400 calories more, but to really burn those 400 or 500 calories, you need at least 60 minutes of continuous exercise."

Therefore, the specialist recommends becoming aware of what you consume, because as people ignore everything they consume, they will eat more food and consequently have a better chance of developing overweight or obesity .

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