Nutritious breakfast clarifies your ideas

It is vitally important that people do a breakfast nutritious in the first hour of the day, after waking up, so that you have clearer and more coherent ideas, according to Marcela Arzaluz, nutritionist at the Ellen West Foundation .

The specialist considers that a breakfast nutritious should include proteins , carbohydrates Y fats healthy, such as eggs, omelet and fruit, so you have the necessary nutrients to carry out your activities, without fear of fainting like Josefina Vázquez Mota.

In an interview for Electoral Color , nutritionist explains the reasons that some candidates for the presidency of Mexico, have fainted or have increased weight :

When you do not have a breakfast nutritious and you only drink coffee or eat a piece of fruit generates a decrease in energy during the day, as well as having cravings and the need to consume foods rich in calories and in greater proportions.

A breakfast nutritious regulates our appetite, so that only what the body needs is ingested, without excess. In addition, it influences a lot so that we have clear and coherent ideas during the day. Remember that we are what we eat. And you, did you have a nutritious breakfast? If you want to know more information about these topics, visit

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