Most common causes of suicide

Within the framework of World Day for the Prevention of Suicide , to be commemorated on September 10, the International Association for the Prevention of Suicide (IASP) and the World Health Organization they reveal that every day around 3 thousand people put an end to their life, 20 of which commit suicide and at least one of them achieves it.

In this sense, according to the Health Secretary , suicide has become the second cause of death in our country among adolescents, because every 24 hours, 16 young people between 12 and 24 years old end their lives for various reasons.

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Most common causes of suicide

According to data from National Institute of Geography , the most vulnerable group to commit suicide are young women; However, men are the ones who commit the greatest number and with the most success, because the methods they choose are definitive (firearms). Meanwhile, they choose less lethal methods (pills or cuts).

Among the most frequent causes of suicide are:

1. Affective problems (lack of love or violence)
2. Spiritual absence (conflicts of personality, existential and mental disorders)
3. Economic and social problems (abandonment of home or parents, trafficking in persons, bullying)
4. Depression and chronic or definitive diseases (one of the determining characteristics is the presence of pain).

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Contagion of suicidal behavior

Ian Colman, expert in mental health epidemiology at the University of Ottawa, Canada , explains that one of the biggest concerns regarding suicidal behavior is that a "contagious replication" occurs.

According to the study, 7.5% of the group of adolescents who participated tried to commit suicide after a partner had died due to said cause; Therefore, this type of behavior is imitated by at least 6 companions or people who lived with whoever committed it, although not all of them manage it.

While there are many factors that affect the attempt of suicide and its achievement, statistics have increased almost 50% since 2011, so it is the second cause of death in our country. The alarming thing, the specialists reveal, is that they are appearing at younger ages.

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