Money, synonymous with better lifestyle

One of the keys to have more sex is the salary, as the results of the study show The effect of sexual activity on salary, directed by Nick Drydakis , where they observed that "employees who have more sex more than four times a week statistically receive significantly higher salaries."

After surveying 7,500 people between January and December 2008, and analyzing the results of their responses, the Greek researchers concluded that today it is more tangible that there is a relationship between have more sex (frequency of sexual activity) and wages.


Money, synonymous with better lifestyle

The link between the salary level and have more sex is due, according to specialists of the University of Piraeus, the Central University of Greece and the Parthenon University of Social and Political Science , basically to two reasons:

1. A high salary increases the value and attractive of a person in the market of relationships, or because a person with good income can give gifts that are paid with sex.

2. Frequent sexual activity is often related to well-being, mental abilities and good eating habits, which in turn can be an indicator of an efficient work activity.


No matter educational level or profession

Regardless of sexual orientation, the relationship between having more sex and salary is more evident in employees whose ages are between 25 and 50; even, the researchers explain, this relationship is observed in workers with some type of disability who have a good salary.

While the link between money and sexual attractiveness it is not a new issue, it is observed that the economic status continues being a social parameter and indicative of a better quality, which will always be more attractive even if it can not be generalized.

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