Modern couples

Although each person and couple is a world, many experience a fear "Inexplicable" to formalize a relationship and reach the marriage . Case of a reader who asks us in GetQoralHealth Forums for what is this.

There are some theories, on the other hand the experts of the Cornell University discovered through a study that one of the reasons why couples do not marry today is the "fear of divorce ”.


Among the cohabiting couples, more than two-thirds of the respondents admitted feeling a great concern to face the social, legal, emotional and economic consequences of a possible divorce, "say the researchers.


Modern couples

If you think that is not your case, another explanation that experts offer is the increase in relationships "stayover", In which the members of the partner they can sleep a couple of nights in each other's house and return to theirs without problems .


As soon as couples live together it becomes harder to break up. It is likely that they have signed a contract, bought furniture or even adopted a dog, making it more difficult to unravel their lives in case of breakage. Sleeping together does not cause so much entanglement, "he explains. Tyler Jamison , researcher of the University of Missouri-Columbia .


What to do?

There is no magic formula, but Steve Harvey counselor and author of "From Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" , indicates that the first step is to lose fear to lose a man when confronting him or tell him your needs regarding the relationship .


The most successful people in this world recognize that the possibility of getting what they want is much more productive, than sitting down feeling too afraid to take the risk, "he adds.

If you feel that you want with all your heart take the next step, but something prevents you and you can not discover what it is, you can go with a specialist to help you decipher it. The only one who can make the decision is you, start living today.

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