Medical Rescuers Analyze Miners' Health

The evacuation of the 33 miners of Chile is done by means of the Fénix capsule, which runs through each miner over 600 meters. The team of medical rescuers ships has been prepared to deal with from a myocardial infarction even to handle the anxiety that could present the miners when going abroad, the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio publishes


Rescuers provide those affected with care and evaluate the health condition of each miner before they enter the capsule that transports them to the exit of the tunnel.


The experts were selected for their professional training, experience and ability to deal with extreme confinement situations. The Chilean newspaper highlights that two of them are divers and tactical divers, so the rescue operation has a team in excellent condition to face any emergency .


Jaime Mañalich, Minister of Health of Chile, told the press that the health of those rescued has been taken into account from the beginning and was part of the decision that defined the order of departure of the miners, since it was previously reported that ten of the 33 men trapped had health complications.


"The problems are related to conditions such as hypertension , diabetes , chronic lung problems , some of them are taking quite important dental and skin problems, "said the official.


According to Mañalich, one of the greatest challenges was presented by the veteran Mario Gómez, 63 years old, who is the miner in the ninth shift to be rescued, suffers silicosis and hypertension .