1. Drinking little alcohol

One of four women dies of some heart disease in the United States, says the National Heart, Lung and Bood Institute . However, the risk of suffering a heart attack can be reduced by up to 92% when carrying habits of healthy lives, says a new study.

Researchers of the Indiana University , the Harvard School Of Public Health and the Brigham and Women's Hospital , analyzed the life habits of almost 90,000 women, between 27 and 44 years old, for two decades. During this time, 456 cases of coronary diseases .

The results show that women who did not present heart disease they had in common sieshabits healthy We present them to you so you can start implementing us.


1. Drinking little alcohol

It is not forbidden, but its consumption should be moderate, that is, only one drink a day. The alcohol in small quantities can help reduce the inflammation , promote healthy cholesterol levels, improve insulin resistance and help blood vessels work well.


2. Maintain a normal BMI

Experts indicate that a body mass index optimal is 18.5 to 24.9. For women, the ideal measure is 26.5, say the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) .  


3. Do not smoke or stop smoking

Tobacco chemicals can cause the accumulation of license plate in your heart, which narrows arteries and hinders blood circulation, generating heart diseases . If you have this habit but you have trouble quitting, consult a doctor.


4. Exercise

At least 2 ½ hours a week. It is not necessary that you attend every day at fitness center with walking at a moderate pace, riding a bicycle or doing yoga , causes a significant impact.


5. Follow a healthy diet

If you are an active person reason is to be, you can eat around 2,200 calories a day, but if you spend most of your time sitting down, reduce them to 1,800. Food includes fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and proteins, such as beans.


6. Watch little TV

Limit this activity to seven hours a week or less. Sitting for a long time alters your metabolism , which has a negative impact on your heart .


Simple and effective

According to the main researcher, Andrea Kaye Chomistek , it is not necessary to implement all the habits, even if you make one or two your chances of avoiding heart disease they reduce considerably. But it is important that you start at an early age.

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